ASC Projects

Artists pushing boundaries of form and content

Geri Montano

ASC Residency III, March 2014
SCOPE New York Art Fair, March 2014

Montano has participated in a variety of art practices including political street theater with Praxis Artists where she designed costumes and performed. The group formed in Seattle after the World Trade Organization citizen uprising.
Inspired by personal experiences relating to socio-political and feminist themes, Montano’s work juxtaposes aesthetic qualities with subversive imagery; combining aesthetic, thematic and technical skills, Montano impresses emotional and powerful ideas on the viewer; never shying away from controversial or taboo subjects.

Geri Montano was born in Colorado. She is a multiracial contemporary artist emphasizing her Native American heritage; Dineh (Navajo) from her fathers lineage, French, Spanish and Comanche from her mothers. Montano has been an artist all her life, but received her formal art education from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1997, graduating with a BFA in interdisciplinary arts which included drawing, painting, and sculpture.

[artist website]

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