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Hold Your Breath: Aideen Barry and Lauren Kelley


Hold Your Breath: Aideen Barry and Lauren Kelley
February 1 – March 1, 2013

ASC Projects presents Hold Your Breath, an exhibition of video works by Aideen Barry and Lauren Kelley. Through the unique medium of stop-motion, Barry and Kelley create quiet narratives of isolation and panic, present stories of suburban anxiety, and explore failure and decay in all its glory.

Using herself as subject, Aideen Barry’s work is sited in investigations into Hysterical behavior and unsettling repetitive gestures of what she calls the “dystopian domestic”—the perfection paranoia of the suburban housewife, where domestic duties become an endurance performance and banal tasks are exhaustingly difficult. Inspired by the malleable nature of young minds and the twisted intricacies of immature adults, Lauren Kelley fashions her “actors” from childhood toys—animating expressions and movement with applied clay, and fabricating surroundings with found materials like bubble wrap and hair gel.

Referencing expansions of time and body, the anxiety and anticipation of holding ones breath seems an apt metaphor for the medium of stop-action animation. And when reflecting on standards historically imposed on women, such as martyr-like patience and obsessive crafting, the the domestically feminine lens the artists use, makes the medium so much more authentic and heart-wrenching. Presented together, Barry and Kelley tie an anxious string between the dark humor of their own experience and an uncanny resemblance to our own insecurities.

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